June 29, 2015

We reached Alad yesterday evening. We had planned on getting here in the morning, but it started raining yesterday, so we had to change our plans a little bit. Alad is a very very small village and very rural. The house I am living in is completely made of mud and wood and has no electricity, or indoor plumbing. We bought mats to sleep on. There is a small restroom outside but close to the house.

We installed the computers at school today and everything went smoothly with that. The school recently received three computers from the government, so now there are seven in total. Everyone seems to be very happy and excited about it. I met all the teachers and some of the students. The teachers and students were vey welcoming and helpful. The school had ordered new desks and chairs for the new computers. I will be giving some training to the teachers on Sunday and Monday about the usage of the new computers.

Monsoon officially started in Nepal on Thursday and it has been raining nonstop all night and all day. There are no roads in the village, and the walking paths get very muddy and slippery, so I am having trouble walking these paths. It usually takes me more than twice the time it takes villagers to get to places. Today a girl from grade 10 held my hand and helped me walk some of these paths that are full of stones and mud, and often have to jump across little streams. Also, because of the heavy rain, there are these small leeches that stick to your feet and suck your blood. I have already had three leeches suck my blood. It does not hurt when it sucks just a little itchy and very gross.

But overall the place is very beautiful. It is green and luscious. Everyone has huge farms. Usually wherever we eat, the food is straight from their own farm. I can see green hills, banana trees, and beautiful forests from the window of my room.

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